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Trucks of increased loadcarrying capacity 6x4

The most imposing per the carrying capacity among the vehicles of ZiL are the vehicles with the wheel arrangement 6x4. Production of the vehicles of this family was started in 1992. The application in the design of these vehicles of two driving axles with the forced blocking of the interaxle differential provides operation of these vehicles not only on good roads, but also on the dirt road and country roads. The presence of two wheel bases (3800 + 1400 and 4610 + 1400) is making possible to use the chassis of the vehicles of this family for assembling of special bodies of different dimension-type, cranes, dump-trucks and other plants, having the maximum constructive loading on the chassis from 12050 to 12265 kg. The cabin is mounted on the vehicles, meeting all the safety demands, with the rear torsion suspension and sprung driver"s seat.

ZiL-6309N2 chassis ZiL-6309N2 chassis ZiL-6309N0 with side-boards ZiL-6309N0 with side-boards