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Trucks and vans 4x2

The trucks with the average carrying capacity from 6 to 8 tons have replaced in 1986 the trucks of ZiL family 431410. These are the cars with the hood and frame construction.The trucks has a new cabin, corre-sponding to all the safety require-
ments, with the bent windscreen, with the torsion rear suspension and sprung driver"s seat. The canard wing of the cabin is of the integral type,
performed in a single block, consist-ing of the hood with the radiator case and the fenders with splash aprons.The gearbox is mechanic, the rear
driving wheels, the axle leaf suspen-sion, the pneumatic brake gear. The following models of engine are installed on the vehicle: carburetor
ZiL-508.10(110kW),diesel MMZ D-245.9 E2 (100kW).

шасси ЗиЛ-433112 ZiL-433112 Chassis ЗиЛ-433112 фургоны на базе шасси Vans on the basis chassis ZiL-433112
шасси ЗиЛ-433362 ZiL-433362 Chassis ЗиЛ-433362 фургоны на базе шасси Vans on the basis chassis ZiL-433362
шасси ЗиЛ-432932 ZiL-432932 Chassis ЗиЛ-432932 фургон на базе шасси Vans on the basis chassis ZiL-432932
шасси ЗиЛ-433182 ZiL-433182 Chassis шасси ЗиЛ-534342 ZiL-534342 Chassis
шасси ЗиЛ-497442 ZiL-497442 Chassis шасси ЗиЛ-494560 ZiL-494560 Chassis
бортовой ЗиЛ-433110 ZiL-433110 side-board шасси ЗиЛ-494582 ZiL-494582 Chassis
бортовой ЗиЛ-432930 ZiL-432930 side-board бортовой ЗиЛ-433360 ZiL-433360 side-board
бортовой ЗиЛ-534340 ZiL-534340 side-board бортовой ЗиЛ-433180 ZiL-433180 side-board
фургон с термокузовом ЗиЛ-478112 ZiL-478112 thermovan седельный тягач ЗиЛ-442160 ZiL-442160 truck tractor
ZiL-432930E side-board