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All-Metal body vans and buses 4x2

Manufacturing of the vans and passenger buses of small class was started in 1998 on the basis of low-tonnage vehicle ZiL 5301. The body of the van and the bus has module design, produced of pressed panels.
The handling operations in the van are provided owing to low loading height, the back doors, opening for 270° and the side sliding door.
The cabin and cargo department are divided by a blind partition. The capacity of the cargo compartment of the van ZiL-5301SS makes up 15,5 m3.
In addition to the series buses, several modifications of more comfortable buses have been developed and ritual buses. All the buses are equipped with ABS, burnt gas neutralizers.
The availability of hatches in the roof. Conditioning, ventilation and heating systems provide securing of favorable microclimate and improvement of the air exchange in the bus salon.

шасси ЗиЛ-5301БО ZiL-5301P1 Van Фургоны на базе шасси ЗиЛ-5301БО ZiL-3250VO Passenger bus
шасси ЗиЛ-5301ЕО ZiL-3250AO Passenger bus