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To our colleagues, our friends and our clients,

   We attach special importance to the development of economic and trade co-operation between different countries.

   Automobile Plant ZIL was established in 1916. Today, we manufacture 3 to 8 ton capacity trucks, as well as vans, buses and limousines.  We also manufacture a variety of  specialized vehicles and equipment, such as: ambulance cars, fire-fighting vehicles, combined road sweeping vehicles, dump and cross-country 4x4 and 6x6 trucks etc.

   Three years have passed since our new management team has started the large-scale restructuring of the ZIL vehicle holding company. Throughout this time of change, our vehicle sales figures have been growing steadily. Our exports in 2004 showed a marked increase of 41.16% in comparison to our 2003 exports.

   ZIL is still a company engaged in change.  Our entire model line of vehicles, as well as our plant and operations, are changing as a whole. Our modern engineering, both on our line of vehicles and on their means of production, are executed taking into account provisions for conforming to the ecological standards of Euro-2 and even the possibility of improvement beyond these standards.

   By presenting our information on this site we intend to give you the most precise information on the wide range of ZIL products.   We believe this site will help you in your choice, and show that our vehicles will be the reliable helpers in your work and business.

   Today, our new management team has placed its stake on the close cooperation of all Russian enterprises manufacturing municipal, construction and other specialized engineering on the basis of our ZIL vehicles. Cooperation with our strategic partners is growing dynamically.  As a result, we present to you a completely new line of vehicles, produced according to modern European and world wide technical and ecological requirements.

   We, at ZIL, place a special importance on quality improvement of our produced vehicles.  Improvements and devices are constantly being  made, and as they become available are installed on a number of models.  Since January 2005, the list of available enhancements has been increasing exponentially; as a result, our consumers get their new vehicles with the most modern technical and engineering developments available.

   Most of our vehicles have an entire range of modifications and options available to suit your needs. For example, our list of our subsidiary Foreign Trade Company “ZIL-Export” includes about 300 modifications of vans that are available. We are sure that such wide range of products will satisfy needs of the most demanding clients.

   It should also be noted that wide and dynamic development of our regional distribution network of our Foreign Trade Company “ZIL-Export” worldwide, as well as warranty service centers and technical service enterprises dealing with ZIL vehicles, allow our customers to look ahead with confidence in our vehicles, and our ability to provide them with the services they demand.

   We, as well as our customers and clients, can be certain that our range of proven vehicles and equipment can be successful in different countries, climates, and terrains throughout the world, because our trucks are reliable, durable and easy to maintain.

   In closing, dear colleagues, we strongly believe that you will succeed in business, with the durability and reliability of ZIL vehicles and equipment as your helper and as your partner.